Per il babbo
For Daddy(1913)
Director: Umberto Paradisi – Production: Pasquali & C., Torino – Original lenght: 530/580 m – Lenght: 504 m – Intertitles: Italian – Censorship certificate: 2017, 17/12/1913 –

Cast: Tonino Giolino, Giovanni Enrico Vidali, Maria Gandini, Attilio De Virgiliis

The film:

In the first Twentieth Century in Torino, the little boy Tonino goes to the Pasquali film studio in order to draw the salary of his father, who has been sick since three months. Bad news are waiting for him: the father has been fired because he was absent for too long.

However Tonino, walking in the Valentino park, sees a troupe filming and he candidates himself to substitute the protagonist. The little boy has a natural talent which allows him to earn some money. The film closes with an happy end: the Pasquali film studio will hire Tonino only during the school vacations and will call back his father as a bookkeeper.

The dramatic plot, but with a happy ending, even in its simplicity, is unusual and interesting because it illustrates an image of the silver screen far from the star system, the affluence and the high society. The adventures of Tonino are also a narrative pretext for the Pasquali film studios to explicitly put on their own studios.  


The film restoration:

The preservation of Per il babbo was carried out by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, based on an tinted nitrate print that was bought in 1997 from a private collector. From] the nitrate print, a dupe negative and a positive print colored with the Desmet method were printed on safety film. The restoration was carried out in 1997 at the L'Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna. 


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