Più forte che Sherlock Holmes
Stronger than Sherlock Holmes(1913)
Director: Giovanni Pastrone – Director of photography: Segundo de Chomn – Production: Itala Film, Torino – Original lenght: I episodio/1st episode: 198 m; II episodio/2nd episode: 230m – Lenght: 129 m – Intertitles: Dutch – Censorship certificate: 1197, 1/12/1913 (1st episode); 4652, 7/10/1914 (2nd episode) –

Cast: Emilio Vardannes (Totò Travetti), Domenico Gambino

The film:

A bourgeois gets excited reading about cops and robbers on the newspaper. His wife, bored by his comments, falls asleep and right after, with the help of the warmth of the living room, he falls asleep, too. Then, the shadow of an escaping robber comes to life from the newspaper. Suddenly the dreamer wakes up wearing the cop uniform and starts chasing him. It is not simple to capture a criminal: the shadow walks on the water, appears and disappears outwitting him. It’s an epic battle. Life is hard for a policeman! Fortunately it’s just a dream.

Rapid tricks and a wild rhythm characterize this film, coming from the imagination of the future director of Cabiria


The film restoration:

The restored print of Più forte che Sherlock Holmes was bought by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino in 1989. The restoration was carried out by the Nederlands Filmmuseum di Amsterdam [EYE Film Institute Netherlands] from a black and white nitrate print with Dutch intertitles belonging to the Jean Desmet collection.


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