Allevamento ittico / Elevage de la truite
Production: Pathé Frères Kok – Lenght: 50m – Intertitles: No intertitles –

The film:

Elevage de la truite (The Trout Breeding) is a small and interesting example of a popular-scientific documentary that was introduced, after the distribution in the cinematographic circuit, in the Pathè catalogue of the small gauge film. The documentary describes the main steps of the productive process of the fishery, showing the cleaning and the maintenance of the tanks where the breed specimens are raised and their partition by sex in order to proceed with the squeezing operations. Particularly interesting are the close-ups of the aquariums that depict the different steps of the development of the fertilized eggs, from the embryonal phase to the hatching of the young fish and their transformation in adult specimens. 


The digital process:

On 1 November 1912 Pathé, one of the world’s biggest film companies, launched its first home cinema system – a parlour projector for a family audience, curiously resembling a Singer sewing machine. Its advertising slogan ran: “KOK: Cinema in your own home! Joy for grown-ups! Happiness for children!”. The 28mm Cinématographe de Salon KOK projector was the first successor to the magic lantern, which had long been popular among the rich bourgeoisie and aristocratic families.


Elevage de la truite was digitized in 2017 through a partnership involving the film archives of Turin, Toulouse, and Limoges, starting with the films from the 28mm collection in Turin. Repair work and scanning in 2K were carried out by the Cinémathèque de Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and image-enhancement and finalizing by the Cinémathèque de Toulouse. Our thanks go to the Gaumont Pathé Archives for their help in identifying the films.


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