Addio giovinezza
Director: Augusto Genina – Director of photography: Giovanni Tomatis – Production: Itala Film, Torino – Original lenght: 2055m – Lenght: 1578m – Intertitles: Italian – Censorship certificate: 13733, 14/08/1918 –

Cast: Maria Jacobini (Dorina), Lido Manetti (Mario), Elena Makowska (Elena), Ruggero Capodaglio (Leone), Antonio Monti (padre di Mario/Mario’s father), Augusto Genina (uno studente/a student)

The film:

The melancholy story of a juvenile love in the early twentieth century Turin: the student Mario meets and gets engaged to the seamstress Dorina, his landlady’s daughter. A beautiful and bored lady disconcerts their relationship. They will meet again only to say goodbye forever. Mario has finished his studies and goes back to his small-town at parents’ house. Dorina says goodbye to the leaving train. A delicate performance of Maria Jacobini, a sensitive actress, already engaged to the director and playwright Nino Oxilia, author of the play from which the film is drawn. Oxilia died as soldier, on Mount Grappa in 1917. The 1918 version of Addio Giovinezza! is therefore a personal tribute of the actress Jacobini to his partner who passed away only the year before. 


The film restoration:

The digital restoration of Addio giovinezza was carried out by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino in collaboration with National Film Center of Tokyo.

The restoration was based on two duplicate negatives printed from the same incomplete and decayed nitrate print kept at the National Film Center. The intertitles' reconstruction was based on period documents kept at the Museo Nazionale del Cinema.

The restoration was carried out in 2014 at L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna.


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