Moglie di Claudio, La
Wife of Claudio, The(1918)
Director: Gero Zambuto – Director of photography: Antonio Cufaro, [Segundo de Chomn] – Production: Itala Film, Torino – Original lenght: 1789 m – Lenght: 1437m – Intertitles: Italian – Censorship certificate: n. 13741, 14/08/1918 – Première: 06/12/1918 –

Cast: Pina Menichelli (Cesarina Ruper), Vittorio Rossi-Pianelli (Claudio Ruper), Alberto Nepoti (Antonino), Arnaldo Arnaldi (Moncabré), Gabriel Moreau (Enea Cantagnac), Antonio Monti [Daniele], [Gina Marangoni (Edmea)], Camillo Talamo, sig.ra / Mrs. Sperani, Leopoldo Lamari

The film:

Pina Menichelli, the dark lady of the Italian Silent cinema, plays the role of Cesarina Rupert, a modern Messalina. Unfaithful, unemotional, violent and lustful, she sells the secret plans of her inventor husband to an enemy spy. But enough is enough….In a triumph of voiles and velvet the protagonist  depletes all her charme playing a story that faces serious topics as the abortion and the Jewish condition. 


The film restoration:

The restoration of La moglie di Claudio was conducted by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino and by the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna, from a tinted and toned nitrate positive copy with French intertitles belonging to the collections of Lobster Films (Paris). The copy measured 1,400 meters, as opposed to the 1,789 meters indicated on the censor’s certificate. The reconstruction of the Italian intertitles was based on the censor’s certificate and on the list of intertitles conserved at the the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, whereas the graphics were deduced from intertitle cards in Itala films of the same era. The original editing order was restored and gaps were indicated with 10 black frames.

The restoration was carried out at the laboratory L’Immagine Ritrovata in Bologna in 2011.


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