Moda vuole l'ala larga, La
Wide Brimmed Hats Are Fashionable(1912)
Production: Itala Film, Torino – Original lenght: 100 m – Lenght: 103 m – Intertitles: Dutch – Censorship certificate: 6923, 4/2/1912 – Availability date: 09/1912

Cast: Ernesto Vaser (Fringuelli)

The film:

"Since the dawn of time men have been oppressed by the tyranny, but soon or later, they have managed to release themselves: only one still resists… the tyranny of the fashion."


[Otto Schmidt Katalog, Berlino, 1912]


The film restoration:

The restored print of La moda vuole l'ala larga  was bought by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino in 1989. The restoration was carried out by the Nederlands Filmmuseum of Amsterdam [EYE Film Institute Netherlands] from a black and white nitrate print with Dutch intertitles belonging to the Jean Desmet collection.


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