Nella conca d'oro

Director: Piero Marelli – Production: Tiziano Film, Torino – Lenght: 111 m – Intertitles: Italian –

The film:

The golden valley is the area where Palermo stands. The documentary shows us the best-known beauties filmed with a fixed camera, slow tracking shots and split screen inspired by the most picturesque picture postcards. The Pretoria fountain, the big theaters, the funicular railway and the cloister of Monreale abbey run on the screen. The beauty of Palermo is also in the life of its people who are shown while meeting and buying at the fish market or at work building Sicilian carts to sell as souvenirs. The film ends with the view of the harbor.


The film restoration:

The preservation of Nella conca d’oro was carried out by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, from a tinted and toned nitrate print acquired by the Museum in 1994 with a small collection of landscape documentaries. From the nitrate print, a dupe negative and a positive color print using the Desmet method were printed on safety film.

The process was carried out in 1997 at the Haghefilm laboratory in Amsterdam.


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