Polidor al club della morte
Polidor, a Member of the Death (1912)
Production: Pasquali & C., Torino – Original lenght: 205 m – Lenght: 196 m – Intertitles: Italian – Censorship certificate: 10638, 13/11/1915 – Availability date: 12/1912

Cast: Ferdinand Guillaume (Polidor)

The film:

Polidor reads on the newspaper about an exclusive club where the members randomly select the one among them who will have to commit suicide. Being selected is considered a great honor. At night Polidor dreams to go to the death club: he is received with some hesitations by the elegant men gathering in  the hall, but after presenting his references, they immediately become friendly; the evening looks like any meeting among socialites.

Suddenly though it’s time of the drawing and naturally he is the lucky one drawn. Celebrated by everyone, Polidor doesn’t appear enthusiastic, but the members are categorical: if he won’t commit suicide they will have to eliminate him. On the table of the dedicated room there are ropes, daggers, guns and big bottles of poison.  

Polidor tries to escape, but he is chased by a flying skull and by some mysterious feet ready to push him back to the club. The other members, understanding his hesitation, get ready to kill him themselves, but destroying Polidor is not simple! Also this time he succeeds to escape turning everything upside down. 



The film restoration:

The preservation of Polidor al club della morte was carried out by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino from a nitrate print. A dupe negative and a black and white positive print with intertitles printed on colored film were printed on safety film from the nitrate print.

The preservation work was conducted in 1998 at the Haghefilm laboratory in Amsterdam.


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