Buonasera signorina Bonelli!
Director: Giovanni Vitrotti – Production: Società Anonima Ambrosio, Torino – Lenght: 16 m –

Cast: Lydia De Robertis

The film:

A pretty girl, smiling at the camera and at the public writes “Buonasera”  (Good evening) on the chalkboard. The “number”, performed to say goodbye to the public at the end of the screening, consisted, at that time, of several short films of different genre. The good bye films, typical of the early Ambrosio Production Company, as well as the final comedy, functioned both as a greeting and sometimes as a preview of the future programmes. 


The film restoration:

Preservation conducted by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino and the Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna. It was based on a nitrate positive print belonging to the Fausto Correra's collection and deposited at Cineteca di Bologna. 

The restoration was carried out at the laboratory L’immagine Ritrovata in Bologna in 2010.


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