Director: Segundo de Chomón – Production: Segundo de Chomón – Lenght: 168m – Intertitles: Italian –

The film:

The little monkey Lulù, even though gifted with magical powers, lives a perfect bourgeois life, as long as, a night, a thief disturbs the peace of his house. A divertissement in stop-motion by the wizard of the special effects Segundo De Chomón. 


The film restoration:

The preservation was carried out by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, based on a tinted nitrate copy that was never distributed and that is conserved by Piero Chomón, the grandson of Segundo de Chomón. From the nitrate print, a dupe negative and a positive color print using the Desmet method were printed on safety film. The process was carried out in 1997 at the L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna.


The Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino and the Associazione Culturale Strade del Cinema di Aosta published a DVD of the restored film, part of the book Omaggio in musica a Segundo De Chomón (curated by Claudia Gianetto and Enrico Montrosset, 2012). 


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