Agenzia Griffard
Eagle's Claw, The [GB] / In the Claws of the Volture [US](1913)
Director: Vitale De Stefano – Director of photography: Giovanni Vitrotti – Production: Società Anonima Ambrosio, Torino – Original lenght: 686/768m – Lenght: 272m – Intertitles: Italian – Censorship certificate: 609, 01/12/1913 – Availability date: 05/1913

Cast: Vitale De Stefano (Griffard), Mario Bonnard, Antonio Grisanti, Oreste Grandi, Alfredo Bertone, Eduardo Rivalta, Luigi Stinchi, Mario Voller Buzzi, Carlo Campogalliani, Orlando Ricci, Maria Bay, Vittorio Tettoni

The film:

The Museo Nazionale del Cinema preserves a fragment of this film that brings together a series of classic topoi of the genre: the evil criminal, the dressing up, the mysterious symbols left in the most improbable places, the rich heiress, the hero with a conscience crisis as a consequence of his falling in love. The adventurous film was a fashionable genre in that period, where the frenetic rhythm compensated the frequent obscurities or incoherencies of the plots. At the beginning of the century, the taste for this genre connects with the spread of the perceptive models imposed by the incredible development of the new means of transports with ever-present scenes in trains, airplanes, cars, symbols of the modernity and of a new idea of time and space. 


The film restoration:

The preservation of Agenzia Griffard was carried out by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino  and by the Cineteca del Friuli of Gemona, from a colored nitrate print donated to the Cineteca del Friuli by Attilio Giovannini. A dupe negative and positive color prints using the Desmet method were printed on safety film from the nitrate print.

The process was carried out in 1997 at the L'Immagine Ritrovata laboratory in Bologna.


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